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User Titles

Discussion in 'Copenworld Announcements' started by copenworld, Oct 4, 2009.

  1. copenworld

    copenworld Copenworld Founder Staff Member

    Sep 21, 2009
    Auckland, NZ
    You might have spotted that there is a user title such as "copenworld newbie" against your name on the member list (accessed via the "Community" menu towards the top of the page) and also listed under your name against each of your posts.

    Your title is determined by the number of posts you've made, as follows:

    copenworld virgin: No posts
    copenworld newbie: 1 to 29 posts
    copenworld member: 30 to 99 posts
    copenworld regular: 100 to 499 posts
    copenworld expert: 500 to 999 posts
    copenworld guru: 1000 posts or more

    copenworld pioneer: a special title given to the first few copenworld members to make 30 posts

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