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Seat belts and brackets

Discussion in 'Problems, Fixes, Tips...' started by Toozalii, Aug 19, 2016.

  1. Toozalii

    Toozalii Copenworld Member

    Aug 10, 2016
    Copen 1.3
    Champagne Gold
    One whole week of owning a little 1.3 2007 Champagne coloured Copen and very proud I am too!

    I've been spending a lot of time reading through the Copenworld forums with a particular interest in seat belt slowness and seat belt brackets as my drivers belt is slooooooow and the bracket is broken.

    A hot soapy wash with a sunshine dry seemed to help the belt and then a liberal spraying and rubbing in of silicone spray improved things. Then lifted up the rear panel around the belt entrance and cleaned out all the crud and hair all over the belt slide, yuck! A good rub over with Silver polish (the belt protected by waxy paper) finished off with another rub down of silicone spray et voila, a quickly retracting seat belt. Amazing!!!

    That saves buying and fitting a new belt!

    Then a long trawl around EBay etc for possible seat belt brackets but no luck there so, a temporary fix maybe?

    Rummaged around and found a 10" piece of aluminium 1.5mm thick and about 35mm wide.
    A bit of trial and error bending and a couple holes drilled (tricky part was figuring out the angle of tilt to let the seat belt work but not rub the seat leather) a little plastic rod stuck in with silicone glue to top the belt binding in the bottom crease and I've made my first bracket which, surprise surprise, works rather well for a prototype.

    Photos attached with the last one showing the belt runkled up to let you see the top fixing bolt.

    Next thing is to sort out digital radio reception as the stick on windscreen aerial seems to be pathetic. Had to switch over to fm on several trips due to the constant signal drop out.

    Had a look at the just above the glove box horizontal magnetic aerial installation on another thread but am wondering if the signal would be strong enough with the aerial being inside the metal body and being horizontally positioned instead of the recommended vertical?

    Any feedback from those who have tried it, please???
    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
  2. ClareL

    ClareL Copenworld Veteran

    Mar 22, 2013
    1.3 2008 Copen
    Welcome to Copenworld :D the seat belt holder looks great. I see you getting requests :D
    The seat belts are a constant problem - I have the Kuomi guides and my belts are still slow to retract - I need to get in there and give the belt a good clean out :oops:
  3. Bemused

    Bemused Copenworld Regular

    Jun 25, 2016
    I love a neat bit of diy
  4. JulesAtCumbria

    JulesAtCumbria Copenworld Regular

    Nov 8, 2013
    Cumbria, UK
    2009 (59) Copen
    Well done indeed, Toozalii - you've done a terrific job! :clap::clap:

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