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Hello from West cumbria

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Kat, Dec 2, 2017.

  1. Kat

    Kat Copenworld Newbie

    Dec 2, 2017
    Wigton, cumbria
    Daihatsu copen
    I drive a 'champagne' 57 plate 1.3l Copen and I love it. She is called 'Winnie' after my great grandma, who was the first lady in the south of England to get a driving licence. So she has good pedigree :) Get in touch if you live near-by and fancy a ride-out in the fells. If you spot my car, you'll know its me as I usually have a sprig of heather and tartan tied to the front grill (this is how she was decorated for my wedding in 2011)
    My car seems to have a penchant for blowing dipped headlight bulbs, and sometimes won't start when its cold. I fix problem number one by baderging my husband to replace blown bulbs, and problem number two by removing the fuel pump relay, starting the engine, and putting it back in again.
    I often take her to the drag-racing 'straightliners' event at Kirkbride airfield, and I got pretty decent times on the drag and the handling circuit last time out.
    Her red leather seats are getting a bit worn but I consider it patina, and despite a run in with our concrete garden wall doing a tricky manouevre she has remained fairly unscathed the last 13 years. Tyre sets usually last me a year, I had to get new brake discs soon after purchase, (I changed the standard manufacturer ones after they rusted away because she had been sat on the drive in York for a particularly long cold winter) and she has been pretty well. I have always used bridgestone tyre's, but cheaping out this time I got hi-flyers. Maybe its my aggressive driving style, but I don't get anywhere as good grip on the icy roads at 8am, so I am going back to BS.

    Kat (aka mr toad, poop poop)

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  2. JulesAtCumbria

    JulesAtCumbria Copenworld Regular

    Nov 8, 2013
    Cumbria, UK
    2009 (59) Copen
    Sorry Kat - I've obviously been asleep for the past week as I got a shock when I saw your post - West Cumbria - wow! :D:D So, first off - welcome!! A fellow Cumbrian - that's mega! I see you're based in Wigton and whilst we're near Frizington I'm up near Aspatria every week helping out with grandchildren, so not a million miles away from you.

    Neville is a silver 59-plater and recently got upgraded to his own number plate describing his Copen-nature: "FUN"! If you check out a few of my earlier posts there's one where I followed the Top Gear Copen-tour around Buttermere with the mountains looking their best. :clap:

    Kirkbride airfield - sounds amazing! :party: I've got a supercar birthday pressie to enjoy there in May, :party: so I must check out the straight-liner's event. I've also been "meaning" to join the Wigton Car Club - they hold a fun race day at the Rowrah Kart track, next door to me, each year and Neville would adore that!

    Tyres - yeah, I'm on a couple of Levonos at the front and Bridgestones at the back and I'd agree that I'm not confident in the wet or the frost - lost it more than once on a tight bend! :(:cry:

    Hey, yeah, defo need a meet-up to enjoy a Copenchat so we'll fix something up. There are about 4 in the Whitehaven area (2 silver, one gold and one grey) that I'm aware of, but none are on Copenworld. :( See ya sometime! :happy::happy:

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