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GRRRRRR Previous Owner

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Neil50, Sep 10, 2016.

  1. Neil50

    Neil50 Copenworld Regular

    Jul 18, 2016
    Saltash, Cornwall
    2004 Copen, yellow red leather interior
    2006 525d BMW 5 Series Touring MSport
    Audi A2
    I have spent time to research and order the correct size oil filter etc so that I could do the oil and filter change easily.

    That was until I took the old filter off, you guessed it, a FRAM filter that was too big to go through the engine mount!!!

    Front bumper off, airbox off, intercooler and pipes off to change the bloody filter. :banghead::swear::fubar:

    The front had obviously not been off for ages because all of the bolts had corroded making it hard to get my sockets on etc, plus there is no inner wheel arch on the passenger side which lets all of the road crap get into the screws etc.

    Doing some tidying up while the front is off, but since we bought waspy it has had new plugs, new air filter, new oil filter, new oil (going in tomorrow).

    Will be doing the gearbox oil as well tomorrow while the car is on the stands and I have easier access. Might as well do the coolant as well.

    Will also look for a replacement inner wing to put n and keep the crap out of the lights etc.

    Rant over :devil::devil:
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