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Greetings from Delft/ Netherlands!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Ewoud van Munster, Dec 3, 2018.

  1. Ewoud van Munster

    Ewoud van Munster Copenworld Newbie

    Aug 5, 2015
    Delft (netherlands
    Daihatsu copen 0.7
    Hi fellow copen enthausiasts!

    A bit about myself,
    Currently still a student, and i've owned a copen for almost 4 years now.
    I've loved this car from the first moment.

    While i was looking for a car, my main reason for a lightweight/small car was the fixed costs that come with it. My brother advised to look for something like a daihatsu or similar, since those are generely light weight, and therfore low fixed costs.
    Looking at a daihatsu cuore i wasn't that fond of it, when however a copen came into the picture it was something else. At first glance a clicked it away for "impractical". However the car became stuck in my head, and in the end i had to buy this lovely little convertible.

    I've bought a RHD in the netherlands, with 60.000KM , which i think isn't that much for a car that was roughly 10 years old! Most likely it had been used as a second fun car, and in the state, most likely has stood most of it's time indoors.

    After having the car 2 years, and using with a lot of fun, I had an unfortunate accident, in which the front side, and a bit of the left side was damaged.
    When looking at the costs, it wasn't feasible to order new parts, only 2 new headlights, a bumper and a bonnet would have been more expensive than the car itself!

    Therefore we have chosen to repair the car itself, with spare parts from a donor Copen of the same colour, purchased in the UK, with a lot of milage and a leaking engine.
    It was a fun experience changing mostly cosmettic parts from one to another copen.
    After this, it had run another 2 years, before another problem arrised.

    A leaking cilinder was my conserc for a few months. In the end we took the engine 2 times apart, and even changed the pistons. The problem was a broken pieve of valve that damaged other valves and the turbo. It has run for over 10.000 after the repair without problems, so I asume we didn't messed things up :)
    Lukily we also had some spare parts from the donor that was (and is) still standing in the garage.

    My copen has no large modifications, I added a button between the drive seat, and the door, to have an easy opening button for the trunk. I made a trunk coffer myself. I added a after market Central door locking system with remote, i had (before) the accident a air horn installed, but havn't installed it back (yet?). My next challange will be an aftermarket cruise control which i've ordered (Magic speed ms50).

    Here you have some pictures of my lovely copen:

    Hopefully I will see some of you during one of the Copen treffen i try to attend!

    Delft/ Netherlands

    2017-04-24 21.31.26.jpg IMG_4562.JPG zz4.JPG 2017-06-27 12.07.17.jpg 2016-02-14 11.07.27.jpg
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  2. BarnsleyRob

    BarnsleyRob Copenworld Veteran

    Feb 2, 2017
    South Yorks
    2009/59 silver Copen 1298 cc (now gone to a new home)
    Hi there. Great introduction. You’ve managed to achieve a fair bit already and the photos are excellent.
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