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Cold Start Rough Idle Missing

Discussion in 'Problems, Fixes, Tips...' started by marnob, Jan 12, 2021.

  1. marnob

    marnob Copenworld Regular

    Aug 7, 2014
    West Coast New Zealand
    Copen L880K 2004
    I noticed when I have a cold start in the morning it idles rough for a short time and then seems to be fine.
    But, after not running it for a couple of days, it was worse.
    Rough idle and missing for a bit before it finally came right.
    This only happens on a cold start.
    Once its running and warm there is no problem for the rest of the day.
    There are a few suggestions for a car when it does this, like faulty ECT sensor (water temp),fuel injectors, fuel pressure valve etc.
    I am leaning towards the ECT valve, $40 or so.
    I do remember my old Audi doing something the same some years ago but can't remember what the fix was?
    Does anyone else have a suggestion or had similar problems?

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