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Anybody done the ECU remap from Germany?

Discussion in 'Modifications' started by Crystal copen, Jan 19, 2014.

  1. Crystal copen

    Crystal copen Copenworld Member

    Dec 28, 2012
    Hi, thought it best to start a new thread instead of trashing another!

    I've been looking to remap our Copen for a while now but still no joy. Going off these threads below there's a couple firms in Germany who can remap by post.


    Here's the firms


    Has anybody used these in the UK? Any issues after fitting or all ok?

    Also a quick one on the ecu swap, if I bought one from ebay or a breaker, sent this off to get remapped will it be plug & play to refit or does it have to go to a dealership/specialist to get married to the car?

    Sorry for the questions! I've had the last 5 cars remapped but it's miles easier with Saabs! And cheaper!

  2. Crystal copen

    Crystal copen Copenworld Member

    Dec 28, 2012
    Well.....it's not looking good! :-((

    I've asked on the german forum but it sounds like one firms no longer exists and the other doesn't remap by post as they need to live map the car. Might still be ok though if he's got these maps stored on file so might be able to map the ecu on the bench then post it back?

    Usually a remap only wil be a stage 1 tune (no further engine mods, just a completely standard car plus remap) and most of these stage 1 maps are generic, so in theory every standard car with the same map should be equal and should be plug and play. It's usually the same even with stage 2 or 3 tunes with a bigger downpipe/full exhaust and only really changes per car and goes custom tune when you fit bigger injectors, bigger IC, fuel pump etc etc.

    Can't beat a proper live mapping session to add a little extra sparkle, but these generic maps are still decent enough if done right.

    Not giving up just yet!
  3. trustafox

    trustafox Copenworld Guru

    Nov 19, 2012
    East Mids

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