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Another new user.... from Norway

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by la7oea, Jan 4, 2010.

  1. la7oea

    la7oea Copenworld Newbie

    Jan 4, 2010
    Happy new year to everybody and a big HI to Copen-owners.

    Own a Vivid-red Copen, bought second hand. And it's the best thing I ever done.
    Great joy driving the car, a real head-turner. And it can keep an M3 behind on a winding road

  2. Rex

    Rex Copenworld Pioneer

    Oct 20, 2009
    Hello and welcome la7oea,
    From Norway eh?, I expect your getting more snow than us in the UK. :eek:
    Do you have winter tyres for your Copen?
    Please put a pin in the map on the features page.

  3. la7oea

    la7oea Copenworld Newbie

    Jan 4, 2010
    It seems to me that the danes are getting even more snow than further north.

    Yup, wintertires (spike-free) in 165/something slightly odd/65... (I now... take a look at the tyre, but then again, with all that snow.... where is that frickin' car) LOL

    And location is pinned......
  4. copenworld

    copenworld Copenworld Founder Staff Member

    Sep 21, 2009
    Auckland, NZ
    Welcome to the site.

    It sounds like Europe is having some pretty rought weather right now. I'm glad I'm in sunny New Zealand, at least for a short while!
  5. Tringhenge

    Tringhenge Copenworld Pioneer

    Sep 22, 2009
    Hello and welcome :)

    I woke up to snow this morning, but I'd guess you'd probably call it a frost ;)
  6. cobilly

    cobilly Copenworld Member

    Dec 13, 2009
    Audi 80 B2
    Mitsubishi Pajero 2d GDI
    Daihatsu Copen 1.3
    Welcome from unusually warm and humid Greece.
    I guess now both north and south is covered by copenworld.
  7. machinehead

    machinehead Copenworld Pioneer

    Sep 22, 2009
    Welcome Øystein,

    The Copen will be a great car for those sunny Norwegian summers.

    I know you Norwegians can deal with the snow much better than we do. I spent the winter of 2004/ 2005 in Sandefjord, just south of Oslo, right beside Oslo Torp airport.

    I just took 28 hours to get from Portsmouth in southern England to Belfast in N. Ireland. Eventually I had to fly to Dublin and get a bus for the 100 miles north to Belfast.

    Nice to see the site becoming international.


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