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Service Manuals - 659cc model v2

Service Manuals - 659cc model

  1. copenworld
    Service Manuals for the 659cc model.
    The file is large so it may take a while to download.
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Recent Reviews

  1. jacquot
    Version: v1
    Just what I needed!
  2. copen660lv654
    Version: v1
    Excellent and it includes all information that a Copen owner wants to know.
  3. Gadgetman.net.au
    Version: v1
    Great resource, thank you to all concerned that made this possible.
  4. Henk van Setten
    Henk van Setten
    Version: v1
    Great, it's very helpful to have this. In the future it might also be really handy as a kind of reference for people at the garage maintaining my Copen.
    Just for the sake of completeness, if someone could also upload a scanned-in version of a 659cc version owners manual, I even would be about 140% happy...
  5. DippyDeb
    Version: v1
    very helpful indeed !
  6. mat
    Version: v1
    Has been on a hunting expedition looking for any literature on Copen, particularly on its operating guide.Buying 2nd hand Copen it seems is not easy for non technies in me.Thanks to the initiator in making this availability. Indeed i am very grateful. Answered all my concern particularly the manual operation of the hood.