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Toyota has announced that it will buy the rest of Daihatsu in an all-stock deal worth about $3 billion.

Toyota already owns about 51% of Daihatsu, and the deal is said to enable Daihatsu to more easily adopt next-generation technologies developed by Toyota.

"We see this as the perfect opportunity to cement our relationship with Toyota, and, by doing so, to embark on a new period of growth, and to elevate the Daihatsu brand to a global standard," Daihatsu said in a statement.

The deal is due to be completed by July 26.​
The website has had a few software updates today, including updates to the forum software and some security updates.

I've also made some tweaks to the style of the website.

As always, if you spot any problems, please let me know by replying to this post on the forum.

David @ Copenworld​
Take a look at Daihatsu's latest concept cars in this video taken at the Tokyo 2016 Auto Salon.

It includes new versions of the Copen, as well as other models.

Daihatsu is all set to showcase some new Copen concept versions at Tokyo's 2016 Auto Salon, which runs from January 15.

Possible new styles include a Coupe, a Shooting Brake and an "Adventure" model.

We should learn more as show time approaches.



For those of you in the northern hemisphere, take a look at this comprehensive and beautifully presented guide to preparing your Copen for the season ahead...

Water in the boot seems to be a common problem for Copen owners.

Share your experience, and have a look at some tips from other Copen owners on how to deal with the problem.

Kei Kars In The Park has a popular annual event in the UK, and a number of Copenworld members usually attend.

This year's event is at the Heritage Motor Museum in Gaydon on September 27.

KKITP has grown year on year for the past 8 years. We have outgrown our patch at the water park.
So in 2015 we will join other classic car & modern car clubs, displaying our pride & joys.

There is no entry fee, giving access to the grounds, cafe & toilets. Those displaying will get a discount voucher for entry into the museum.

Pencil in the date in your new diaries!​
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It's now easier to upload photos to Copenworld and share them in your forum messages.

On a desktop computer, you can simply drag and drop a photo into any message you are posting.

On a mobile, you can use the "Upload a File" button below your message. On most modern smart phones, this will allow you to either select a photo stored on your phone or take a new photo with your phone's camera.

Photos will be automatically resized to fit in your message.


Once your photo has uploaded, you'll see it attached below your message with options to choose either "Thumbnail" or "Full Image". If you choose Thumbnail, it will be attached to your message. If you choose Full Image, it will be embedded in the message. You can then drag it around to get it into the desired position within your text.

If you want to try it out, you can use our new "Test Messages" forum (at the very bottom of the list of forums).​
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If you want to grab another Copenworlder's attention, you can "mention" them in a message. Simply use the @ symbol followed by their user name (with no space in between), e.g. @copenworld would shout out to me. As you start to type their user name, a pop-up box will list any matching names to make it easier to find the right person, and you can choose from the list.

You'll get an alert when you're mentioned by anyone, unless you switch this option off in your user preferences.​
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You can now "like" forum messages, similar to Facebook.


Just hit the "like" button in the bottom corner of a message.

You will receive an alert when someone likes one of your messages, unless you switch this option off in your user preferences.​